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About ABC Sponsorships
Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor. The Anti-Bully Crusader organization is asking for your endorsement and sponsorship to help bring our anti-bullying workshop to young people in your hometown. Your financial support will enable us to promote educational opportunities that teach acceptance, tolerance, and peace. Now the opportunity comes to you!  Will you join our cause?  Will you take a stand for peace at your school, your community, and your workplace?  The ABC Project is a simple program, but it takes what the youth call “keepin’ it real” to walk this walk.  We need your help, and so do the young people who are watching you.  We want to take this program into the schools and provide an opportunity for change by educating our young people.

Ways to Partner
Adopt A School Program
We partner with a company to adopt a school of their choice to sponsor the ABC
program. We host a ABC Workshop and or Seminar to service all the students at that school.


Companies can make donations in support of our mission or direct their sponsorship toward a specific program area. ABC also offers annual sponsorship and naming opportunities.

Foundation/ Community Grants
ABC has received many grants from private and corporate foundations.
Workplace Matching Gifts Corporate matching gifts are a type of philanthropy in which companies financially match donations that their employees make. When employees give to Anti Bully Crusaders community give back program, They request the matching gift from their employer, who then makes their own donation. It’s a great way to support good work in their communities.

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