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Lauren Washington

Lauren co-founded the Anti-Bully Crusaders Organization with her father. Several years ago, they teamed up to create a self-help curriculum in an effort to provide young people with the necessary tools to help reduce violence through educational opportunities and creative strategies. Having a tremendous amount of success using this unique technique, they are now ready to present this project to the world.​ “As we grow mentally, spiritually, and physically, it is our job to become better, smarter, wiser, and to act upon our own free will to make a better contribution to society. Every generation must prepare for the next generation. To live for today is shortsighted, to live for tomorrow is vision. God gave us all the wealth of our potential, abilities, energies, creativity, ideas, and dreams to help others. We bear the responsibility for activating, releasing, and maximizing this potential. To help the next generation, we must nurture these gifts. If I do not take what has been given to me and my potential to make a serious difference, then I will have failed not only myself but others who are depending on people like me.”  ​​ ​She attributes much of her motivation for this cause to her passion for helping others who may not have voice or the means to help themselves.   "The pain that I have in my heart is that we're not doing all that we can do in the wealthiest country in the world to stop bullying and violence. We are the most affluent and greatly blessed people anywhere on this planet and we are not doing enough for those who do not have a voice." Lauren recently earned a degree in Real Estate and holds a degree in Business Administration while working towards her Masters (MBA). As a member of the National Honors Society she served as a student Ambassador to Europe and sat on the board of the Future Business Leaders of the American Society. In 2016 Lauren successfully launched her online boutique Lolatee.com catering to the needs of all women.  "I am a person who is really on a path. I am really trying to look deeply into this social issue of bullying, and I am consciously and passionately trying to make difference in this world." ​ Thank you for supporting the ABC Movement. Peace & Love to you all... Lauren​